Brazilian Contributions!

Brazilian Music and Dance

Sahar - Brazilians music and songs are very popular and some common in Canada. Brazilians bring their own unique style of song and music. Today the most common types of Brazilian music in Canada and Brazil are Folk music and dance, Modern, Capoeira, Carimbo, Choro and finally Samba! The Samba hails from ancient African beats and customs.

Sahar    -  Canada’s first Brazilian group singers, is a group of drummers, instrumentalists, singers and dancers, who share a passion for Brazilian music, Samba Enredo from Carnaval. The Escola de Samba de Toronto is recognized as one of the more important cultural between Toronto and Brazil.

(Here is a short clip of a Brazilian group from Canada, preforming in Toronto!!)

Holidays and Celebrations

Sahar -   Brazilian celebrate many different special holidays threw out Brazil. Their are approximately 30 holidays in Brazil being celebrated. Some types of holidays and celebrations are, Carnivals, June Parties (Festa Junina), Parintins Folklore Festival, New Year’s in Copacabana, The Brazilian Grand Prix, and finally Oktoberfest! But those are only some of them.

Sahar -The Carnival Celebrations is technically signifies the giving up of meat for Lent. Their are brightly-colored costumes, opulent decorations and jolly music. Dance and parades fill the streets. These celebrations carry on, day and night!

Rawah - Their was one celebration that happened in Toronto but it's actually a Brazilian festival. It is a film fest on the dates, November 27th to November 30th in fall each year in Toronto.

Language And Immigration

    Sahar - Language is one of the strongest elements of Brazil's national unity. Portuguese is their official language and spoken by nearly 100% Spanish is their second language. Canada's third language is Portuguese. Their are 56,315 Brazilians in Canada. Most Brazilians has come to Canada and immigrated here by, for high level education, water, food, materials, skills, collage or university, Getting jobs etc.    


Rawah - There are a few jobs in Toronto/Brampton that are Brazilian such as, Bilingual, Brazilian-Portuguese customer service representative job or the anesthetist  or the planner project services.


Rawah - There are lots of traditional Brazilian games that of us are familiar with such as Cinco Maria's it's almost like jacks when you throw a stone in the air and before it hits the ground you have pick up as many small stones as you can.


Brazilian Food

Jada -   Brazilian cuisine has European, African, and American influences. Different Brazilian foods were Moqueca (Mook-kek-a), Cachaca, Brigadeiros, Pao de queijo, Acai (s-so), and a lot more food Brazil. The European immigrants were on a wheat base diet, and the Brazilians introduced them to wine, leaf vegetables and dairy products. An example of a brazilian resturaunt is copcabana brazilian steak house.


The Brazilian people are very involved in sports. Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil. Last year Brazil held 2014 fifa world cup. Capoeira is one of the most popular forms of martial arts in Brazil, and music is played well doing Capoeira. Volleyball is the second most played sport in Brazil. Brazil is reconized as the world beach champion in volleyball.  Footvolley, Invented in the 1960s is a sport with a volleyball net but the players have to get the ball over the net with their feet. Its the best beach game.


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