Einsatzgruppen Task Force

Jacob Leath


einsatzgruppen is a Mobile German killing force.  They go around killing Jews and officers of soviet union.   June 1941, the Einsatzgruppen followed the German army as it advanced deep into Soviet territory.  The German army provided logistical support to the Einsatzgruppen, including supplies, transportation, housing, and occasionally manpower in the form of units to guard and transport prisoners.

10 facts

1: Einsatzgruppe A – Attached to Army Group North – 990 men

2: Einsatzgruppe B – Attached to Army Group Centre – 665 men

3: Einsatzgruppe C – Attached to Army Group South - 700 men

4: Einsatzgruppe D – Attached to German 11th Army - 600 men

5: The Einsatzgruppen’s general method of execution was shooting, although some gas vans were used.

6: The total strength of the Einsatzgruppen during the Polish campaign, was approximately 2,700 men.

7: The Einsatzgruppen were special SS mobile formations tasked with carrying out the mass murder of Jews, communist functionaries, and others deemed unfit to live by the Nazis.

8: Very precise records of the Einsatzgruppen activities were maintained.

9: If no such facility existed then the Germans would make the victims dig their own graves.

10: Many of these reports have survived, and were used at War Crimes trials at Nürnberg.


Time Line

1: They were first seen in action in Austria and the annexed parts of Czechoslovakia in 1938

2: For the Polish campaign in 1939, Reinhard Heydrich, Chief of Reich Security, formed 6 major Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei; five of these units were attached to the advancing German army, whilst the other unit was designated for service in the Posen (Poznan) district.

3:From 1 September to 25 October 1939, over 500 towns and villages were burned and over 16,000 people were executed by theEinsatzgruppen.

4:Far more infamous were the Einsatzgruppen which were formed in the spring of 1941 for the campaign against Russia. Adolf Hitler issued an order that the Security Police and Security Services would assist the army in combating resistance behind the front lines.

5:Most Einsatzgruppen were disbanded as late as 1944. Einsatzgruppe D was the exception, being disbanded in July 1943, but in those few short years their combined deadly activity had claimed over seven hundred thousand lives.

5 people involved in my topic.

1: , the Einsatzgruppen operated in territories occupied by the German armed forces following the invasion of Poland    2: Ohlendorf Eric    3: Naumann Karl    4: Eberhard Schöngarth  5: reichsfuhrer Hienrich  and the supervision of ss-


Ann Frank is a young girl who was Jewish.  Her family went in to hiding.  the Nazi wanted her older sister. so Ann frank carried a book with her and wrote all about her dreams her life how she wanted peace in the world.  

why is it impotent for people to know about my topic.

because they should know how the German task forces. killed of millions of Jews and other officers. It is also good to know the battles they did and the people who were in charge.


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