Myth: People with Schizophrenia have split or multiple personalities

Schizophrenics do not have multiple personalities. Sometimes they may hear voice other people don't hear or they feel people are reading their minds and controlling their thoughts. They act extremely paranoid and their symptoms cause them to experience withdrawals. They also have hallucinations and delusions. Its easy to see how the two disorders, Schizophrenia and multiple personalities, got confused. However Schizophrenia means to "split mind", but the mind splitting refers to fractures in cognitive thoughts not in their personalities.

People diagnosed with Schizophrenia often cannot act normally in social situations because they are unable to tune out the voices inside their head. They will constantly stumble on words or repeats the same ones over and over when having conversations with other people. Identifying a Schizophrenic is hard to do by appearance but can be easily done when you hear them speak.

Here is an example of what the voices that a Schizophrenic would hear.

A person has a greater chance of developing Schizophrenia if a family member has been previously diagnosed. Many factors can also increase the chances of an individual to develop Schizophrenia. These factors include: prenatal famine or flu exposure, an infection in the Central Nervous System (CNS) early on in their childhood, as well as psycho-social stress in early childhood and early adulthood.

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Although there is no solid cure for Schizophrenia, multiple types of therapy can help.

- Individual Therapy, this consists of one on one discussion with a professional therapist. This can help a Schizophrenic differentiate their imagination from reality. This also helps them manage problems in everyday life.

- Cognitive Remediation, form of behavioral treatment that often uses paper and pencil or computer exercises that helps them strengthen and develop better cognitive skills.

- Family Therapy, it has been proved that those diagnosed with Schizophrenia and have a family cope better than those who fend alone. It is encouraged that all family members help if a loved one is schizophrenic.