Endangerd animals

Endangered means almost exstict

The story of the Bald eagle

The bald eagle have almost been exstict when the famars put out DDE witch is a chemical that kill pest and the bald eagle got to the DDE and the chemical made the bald eagle eggs soft witch decrease numbers for bald eagles and the farmers did not notice at all then they notice what they have did to the United states symbol and now the DDE is a banded to farmers.Thats one reason the bald eagle almost went exict here's one more main reason bald eagles are endangers also humans are using there habitat to make homes and apartments but the animals were already there imagine these big creachers digging holes in your house and killing everyone.Now I hope you know what people are doing and what to not do. The bald eagle is just one example but there's hundreds of endangerd animals and insects.

How to save these animals

Its easy to save these animals just not to pollute and hunt these AWSOME creachers