Space Race and Science Fiction Films

The Space Race was the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to see who reaches outer space first. The Russians reached space first with its Sputnik sattelite in 1957. America got the first man on the moon in 1969.  The real reason for why both countries invested so much into the Space Race is because it was a front to invest a lot of money towards military technology. Both countries build rockets to send to outer space, but in reality they were designing ICBM's that were meant to launch intercontinental rockets that can reach faraway places.  Russia eventually spent so much money and US ultimately won after the moon landing, ending the race.

Cost of Space Race

During the Cold war, there was a surge in the hatred and fear of anything that was not American or against Americans. This created a new genre of movies. Science fiction movies were created because there was a scare and paranoia of anything that was not american. These movies often showed alien dangers that were all around us. These aliens were a metaphor for communist. This was also used a propaganda to show the communists as evil. It promoted the idea that anything that is not American is bad, this included Soviets and all other communists.

The increase in space related movies and tv shows came from the space race that happened between Russia and the US. The space race was the race to build satellites. When Russia built the first one, Sputnik, the US felt that they had to beat Russia if they wanted to stay ahead in the war and survive.

Societal Changes

Politics------ There was a strict fear and hate of communism. The US attempted to contain communism and tried to prevent it from spreading through Europe. They even went to extreme measures like war.

Economics------- The Americans pushed for free market capitalism where you could start your own business and create your own success. While the Soviet Union and other communist nations wanted a communist economy where all people where completely equal and the wealth and goods were disturbed equally.

Movies------- A lot of movies turned to propaganda against communism and against anything that was un-American. This led to the surge of Alien Science fiction.

Life------- In daily life, the american people felt scared of communism. They started to hate everything that was not american and that was different. This fear was also seem in the cuban missile crisis where the world came close to nuclear war.

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