Canadian Shield Mining Industry


     This tackk is for promoting a mining industry in Quebec Fermont in the Canadian Shield. Today hopefully my flyer and information about the Canadian Shield such as it amazing physical features, climate change influence, human activities and many more. The many reasons why a mining industry is because Canada needs those precious metals such as gold, iron, nickel and zinc. All very useful to us that also contribute Canada's economy. Hopefully, this will help convince having a mining industry in the Canadian Shield!


The many kinds of physical features in a land form region are climate, vegetation & soil, natural landscape and geology which is the type of rocks presented in a land form region. Let's start with climate. The Canadian Shield has different climate varies by the seasons of winter and summer. The average temperature for winter is -25 degrees Celsius and the average temperature for summer is 10 degrees Celsius. Meaning the Canadian shield is a continental climate. What also makes it a continental climate is the amount of precipitation in Fermont Quebec. The amount of precipitation it receives is 806.5mm per year. This is proven because if a certain place receives less than 1000mm of precipitation, it confirmed as a continental climate region.


Moving on to vegetation, the Canadian Shield is mainly filled with trees in southern parts of the Canadian Shield. Consisting taiga, boreal, deciduous and coniferous forests, a good possibility opening lumber industries for wood. Also, 95% of the Canadian Shield is tundra in the northern parts of the Canadian shield. Some trees such as birch and aspen. However some northern parts of the Canadian shield doesn't have forests which makes great open areas for quarries and mining industries.

Natural Landscape

Moving on to natural landscape, it natural landscape consists of flat rocky surface consisting of igneous rock. Millions of years ago, Canada was covered by 2 huge ice sheets called glaciers. One called the continental glacier and the other alpine Glacier. Back millions of years of ago, the Canadian shield consisted originally with mountains and the continental glacier eroded the mountains and flatten the mountains. And now still remains as of today on the Canadian Shield. The other natural landscape is both the deciduous and coniferous forests, in the southern parts. Also, you may notice multitudes of rivers and lakes. This is because when the continental glacier eroded the mountains, it eventually melted and filled many rift valleys and holes of the Canadian Shield. Making the Canadian shield sustainable for most animals such as bears, fishes found in lakes, many kinds of birds and other animals that inhabit the forest biome.


And now, the types of rocks presented on the Canadian shield also known as the geology. The type of rock found in the Canadian shield are igneous and metaphoric rocks. Mostly made up of Precambrian rocks, a major component of bedrock.  Millions of years ago, the Canadian shield had many huge mountains filled with all types of rocks before eroded by the continental glacier. Because of volcanic activity, this makes the Canadian shield rich in many ores such as gold, silver, nickel and copper. Despite the heavy eroded from the continental glacier, there are still several mountains left within the Canadian shield such as the Arctic Cordillera.

Map of the Canadian Shield (Fermont Quebec)

Human activites

You might be wondering, what's so special about the Canadian shield anyways? The reason why it because the amount of resources it has. The Canadian shield is great for mining industries mining for minerals such as gold and silver which can be manufactured into refined jewelry. The Canadian shield also has huge forests covering most of the Canadian shield. Great for lumber industries for wood which is made into furniture, building materials for houses and paper. Another type of industry is fishing in the Canadian shield. Fish provides most of Canada's food. Wood, fish and minerals are all resources that Canada needs to sustain the economy. On another note, you might thinking about how the climate can affect the industries. The climate won't affect mining industries at all due to climate not affecting the factors of finding mineral deposits in large quantities. Same goes for lumber industries. Climate can have effects on fishes as fish go deep under the lakes for warmth when the cold dark winter arrives. Another is growing tree saplings planted after removing trees for wood can be affected by climate whenever it a cold dark winter or a cool summer. Overall, these industries aren't affected by climate in many ways. The only threatening cause in an lumber industry is the amount of trees cut down. In a biological point of view, trees provide most of our oxygen converted from waste we breath out called carbon dioxide. Lumber industries cutting down trees can possible lead to deforestation, one cause of the earth's atmosphere having too much carbon dioxide which leads to other world wide problems.    

Canadian Shield Video

Influence of climate change

As time goes by, so does climate and can affect the industries around it. As of now, the Canadian shield's climate is growing to be more cold than ever. One explanation of this climate change in the future is the earth's orbit from the sun. The earth isn't always orbiting in a circle like we always think it does around the sun, it moves in an oval kind of shape. At some point in the orbit, the Canadian shield would be the furthest away from the sun and less heat will come to us in the region, thus causing more cold dark longer winters than usual years. In terms of it affecting mining industries, it will cause some mining days to be canceled due to cold weather or extreme weather for miners. But overall doesn't hurt the industry in any other way. The climate change will affect the surrounding areas such as the forests, lakes & rivers and animals.


To warp this tackk up, I hope I was able to convinced you having a mining industry in Fermont Quebec in the Canadian shield with my explanation of the Canadian shield. And had convinced you having this kind of industry will greatly contribute to Canada's economy.  

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