The Gatling Gun
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The Gatling Gun made by Richard Jordan Gatling.

The Gatling Gun was one of the first "Machine Guns" invented. To shoot it, the person would have to crank a hand crank located in the back of the gun which would fire the bullets located in the central axis of the gun over which the barrel rotated. The gun was patented in 1861, by Richard Jordan Gatling. The Gatling Gun was made to give "small numbers of U.S. troops enormous advantages in firepower" ( The Gatling Gun had positive and negative affects. A positive effect was that it helped the Union win the Civil War. A negative effect is that the death toll of the civil war would have been lower had the gun not been invented. The U.S. bought the Gatling Gun in 1866. The model they bought could fire .30 caliber bullets at 400 rounds per minute. Three modern day innovations of the Gatling Gun are The Vulcan Minigun, ( A helicopter mounted version), "Puff, The Magic Dragon" ( A version that fires 6000 rounds per minute and can decimate a whole village in one burst), and the Vulcan Air Defense system ( mainly used for air defense). The minigun, as irs now called, is also commonly used on the f-35 and the A-10. (all pictures shown below).

Helicopter Mounted Vulcan Minigun
"Puff, the magic dragon" minigun
Vulcan Air Defense System

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