Mrs. Berning

6th & 8th Grade Science/Video Production

My Family (Jon, Jorden, Macy and Jaren)

My husband is a farmer in Scott County and the surrounding area.  He was born here in Scott City.  Jorden is my oldest child.  He currently lives in Scott City and is a police officer.  Macy is a sophomore in high school.  She is involved in volleyball, track, forensics, vocal music, and the musical.  Jaren is an 8th grader.  He is involved in football, basketball, and track.  He enjoys farming with his dad.

My family is my everything <3

My Job

I teach 6th and 8th grade Science and Video Production class at Scott City Middle School.

My Interests include:
jet skiing
following my kids around
playing with my animals


My Favorite Movie

A Song for you to Listen to.......
All of Me by John Legend

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