My Photos for Design Technology 8E

This is about the use of patterns in my photos.

This is the pattern of the lockers and I know the photo is a blurry one so that why I tried to change this in my edited version.

This is my edited version of my locker pattern since it was blurry I contrasted it with colours also I sticker to make it cool and I added the text blurry in it because this is a blurry picture even though it is edited.

This is a simple green wall with a patter of cracks and scratches in the wall. I think this a good photo since I don't know how to use a camera properly.

This is the edited version of the simple green wall. I added the light ray background and bugs stickers to look like bugs are crawling the wall. I added the border to make the wall look prettier and attractive. The text "insect party" is there because to make the wall full of insect that are partying.

This is the normal school wall for the fire extinguisher and the pattern is the three scratches like things in the photo. The photo is not that great because the camera was zoomed too much and we can't see much pattern.

This is the edited version of the wall of the fire extinguisher container and I added the background rays and stickers to make the metal seem radioactive and a mystery. I added I quote that inspires people to listen to anything that interest them which makes them a better person.

This the canteen rug which has bumps of strings as patterns as you can see. You can also see dirts in the rug and this is a great photo because it show the pattern of the rug.

This is the edited version of the rug pattern and I added gears and tools to say that the rugs is being fixed by mechanics and the rug is a good creation by a great creator. The stickers is there to help the text mean something and the text says "create anything you want" which inspires people to create great creations that help other people.

This the collage of the unedited and original photos I added the effect of an explosion to make the middle more cool so its not boring. The borders are androids because they were the one that created the explosion.

This the edited photos that was collage I didn't add any back ground because the photo is cool enough as it is. The collage is really good and cool because the colours of the different photo doesn't clash with each other.

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