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With the advancement in technology and the evolution of computer systems, there has been a lot of change in the way people have been using these devices for their work and related needs. Now it is not just for the network access but people also use it for storing their important documents in soft version, whether it is large amounts of data or important documents. Storing data is no longer limited to the large corporations either; people all around the world are using computers to store their valuable documents and information and have it readily accessible wherever they may be. Though having the hard copies of all the data is still relevant but people use computerized formats as back up so that they can transfer the data from one place to another. This is where network storage comes into picture.

A Network storage device is something which is being used to storage large amount of data and also to transfer it to other channels of computer systems online. This data is transferred from one system to another through the network itself. It’s an ideal way of storing data as it offers easy accessibility and data maintenance. Some of the common ways that is used to store data include CD towers, servers and storage area networks. Let’s briefly look at how they are stored in various storage network devices:

CD Towers: It is a kind of network storage device that is used in network attached storage. This device can be accessed by users of the network without regards to their operating system and network speed. The set up of CD servers is like a typical computer server though but it has several CD or DVD drives attached to it. Though there is a hard drive in the system but the installed operating system is used as a server to connect the CD to the rest of the computer system. Though in this system, people can share data having the connected channel but making any kind of changes in the document like in terms of writing becomes a bit difficult.

Centralized servers: The other way of storing data but in a small network is the centralized server. In this, a computer is set up in which several large capacity hard drives are installed that are arrayed in such a way that they can be accessed by other computers in the network. This is both used the network attached storage (NAS) and direct attached storage (DAS). Its set up is more or less same as a CD server. It has different use in both NAS and DAS system. In NAS system, it is used of storage with connection to all other computer on the network. In DAS system, network plays the most important role. In DAS system the computers has to have similar operating system and configuration.

Storage Area Network: Among all the network storage devices, the most common one that is in use is SAN. Storage area network has a much more convenient way to storing data and having access to it. It is a network of computers, CD towers and external hard drives. SAN requires a server which can be used as a gateway to all connected even if they are not the part of same network system. SAN can be configured to accept any IP address therefore one can have access to it via internet.

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