Want to know how the world sees You?

I’m always suspicious of quick questionnaires that supposedly tell me who I am or try to explain my behavior.

But Sally Hogshead’s test is somehow accurate. I’m a Rock Star because the Innovation and Passion Advantages are most natural to me.

How is that possible?

To make long story short, let's just say that, thanks to Sally’s test, I’m more at ease to be different. I’m less scared of being labeled as crazy. I’m building the Untamed Business Utopians, my business around my personality.

How can you build your business around your unique advantages? Which Advantages come most natural to you?

As a special present from Sally, 100 Business Utopians & friends can get their own assessment. Completing the questionnaire only takes a few minutes, you’ll get your own private report instantly, and it’s on the house!

To find out how you add distinct value:

  • Click on the following button to gain exclusive access
  • Use the code BL-laconcierge as your “book code”
  • Fill in your details and complete the questionnaire
  • Discover your unique advantage

“To succeed in a competitive environment, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are.” ~ Sally Hogshead

We’re all different. We all have our unique abilities. And when you communicate your own unique value, you have no competition. Because there’s only one YOU.

Stop trying to beat the competition. Instead, be yourself.Stand out because of who you are; and you’ll attract the audience that loves listening to you, and the clients that love working with you.

Feel valued. Feel energized. Feel good.

Be bold. Be YOU.

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