8th Graders' greatest challenge today is Technology

    Technology is becoming a huge part of our lives and although it may be helping us, it is often a distraction for people. The reasons that technology is a problem for 8th graders is how we use it and how our parents let us use it. Brookings.edu says, "Parents are concerned that teenagers are spending too much time in front of computers or televisions." Technology is a major part of an 8th Graders life including, social media, texting, TV, etc.

Parents use technology a lot too, and sometimes they forget to set limits on how much their children use it, which often can cause distractions or exposure to things that are inappropriate. Family-studies.org says, "I couldn’t help but wonder: maybe it’s such a problem because we’re surrounded by it. Why not get rid of some of it? Why not turn it off? Why not set some limits?" Parents can forget about how technology can influence 8th Graders and they don't set limits.

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