Do You Look Good on Google? Pictoguard Offers Online Reputation Management Services to Freshen Up Your Online Reputation

This press release is to inform readers that Pictoguard offers online reputation management services to freshen up their online reputation.

Thousands of unique domain names are being registered every day. In 2008, Google revealed that it was indexing one trillion unique URL’s. With all of this information, it doesn’t seem possible to effectively shape – or re-shape - the Internet by removing images from Google. And yet, it is. Pictoguard is a leading online reputation management company with a team of experts comprised of copyright lawyers and skilled software programmers. Through their expertise, they are able to remove content from Google that everyday users simply can’t.

Since 2008, technology has advanced still farther, with iPads and “smarter” smart phones. The internet is everywhere, and people are equipped every minute of their day with the ability to cause injury to any brand or individual’s online reputation. A representative from Pictoguard stated, “With the advancement of smartphones and iPads, when someone wants to find out who you are Google is now the “truth.” A web search can make or break you now and in the future. Your online image can affect future jobs, income, client conflicts and branding; not to mention personal lives.”

Pictoguard’s Team are Experts at Removing Images from Google

Not only does Pictoguard have lawyers and skilled programmers by their side, their team also speaks multiple languages, allowing them to bridge the international barrier, which is especially useful when they need to remove content from Google. Their clients include some of the most well-known names in Hollywood, as well as top fashion models, writers, artists, stylists and anyone with an online image. Not just celebrities, but socialites, homemakers, and students, anyone can run into a problem on Google where they might not look their best. Images are easily placed online and can sometimes cause anywhere from sheer embarrassment, to total public image annihilation. Pictoguard can help with their ability to remove content from Google that stands in their client’s way of enjoying a positive, clean online reputation.

About Pictoguard:

Pictoguard is a Reputation Management, Online PR and Web Development Services Company based in New York City. They provide their client’s with the most innovative and technologically-advanced reputation techniques for quick and easy positive online reputation management. They are skilled at removing images from Google, making them a leading online reputation management company.

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