Do You Need To Do Anything Special before a LASIK?

From mild myopia to more severe forms of astigmatism, everything can benefit from LASIK. Lasik Eye Surgery in India is catching up fast with patients because of the obvious advantages that are associated with LASIK. The unique challenges and so much information regarding it on the internet obviously make it very difficult for a patient to know if he or she needs to take any specific steps before surgery. Here is our humble attempt at that.

Are there any steps that a patient should follow?

To generalize the answer - yes, there are steps that you will be expected to follow before the surgery. Before you skip and start reading the bullet points below, do understand that every doctor has his or her own procedure and depending on how serious your issues are you will be expected to adhere to those specified guidelines as closely as possible. Here are some of the very common ones that you can almost expect to be present in every set of guideline irrespective of which doctor you see.

  • No Contact Lenses before surgery

Contact lenses can distort the shape of your cornea, which could lead to inaccurate measurements and a poor surgical outcome. Your doctor will provide specific guidelines depending on your situation and how long you've been a contact lens wearer.

  • Don’t wear Make up

Putting a lot of makeup is never good for the eye and when you have a surgery, you better avoid it altogether. Make sure to clean your eyes and eyelashes before surgery.

  • Get a ride home

Once the surgery is done don’t drive. Get a ride home and refrain from driving for at least a week or until your doctor asks you to start driving.

There are tons of other advices that you may find online which you should follow only after you have discuss it in details with your eye specialist. In case you feel what you see online is not too reliable, stay away from heeding to those, instead get in touch with your ophthalmologist for better advice on Lasik Eye Surgery in India.