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Promoting a retirement planning strategy of risk avoidance, self-reliance, faith, and common sense, Doc Gallagher advocates healthy living and conservative money management. The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Gallagher Financial Group, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he writes and speaks frequently on the issues faced by clients in the second half of life, especially in terms of retaining their independence as they age. According to Doc Gallagher, this independence is reduced or eliminated for many seniors as the cost of custodial care drains their retirement savings, forcing them first into poverty and then onto Medicaid.

Drawing on his own experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer serving leper colonies in northern Thailand, Doc Gallagher wrote the book Don’t Go Overseas Until You’ve Read This Book to alert potential travelers to the reality of culture shock and teach them how to avoid many of its embarrassing and sometimes dangerous implications. It remains popular to this day, especially among religious missionaries.

Doc Gallagher has written numerous articles for popular and scholarly periodicals, many of them oriented toward the soon-to-retire audience. Formerly a professor of Ethics and Logic at Texas Christian University, he earned his Ph.D. from Brown University. Doc Gallagher currently serves on the faculty of Zig Ziglar’s Born to Win seminars, conducting sessions on financial matters.

Much of the financial advice Doc Gallagher gives is based on his own strong faith in God. His book How to Save Money on Almost Everything puts a modern perspective on biblical discipline and stewardship. The host of his own regular radio show, Your Family Matters, he often punctuates his financial and lifestyle guidance with biblical justification, and one of his chief strategies, WIN (Wisdom, Independence, No risk), acknowledges God as the source of all wisdom. In his most recent book, The Money Doctor’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will, Doc Gallagher emphasizes the importance of securing long-term care insurance as part of a strategy to stay solvent during one’s golden years.

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