Creating a Share Via Tackk Link

Allowing visitors to share content from your site via a Tackk is as simple as adding a link. Once clicked, the link will redirect the user to a new Tackk with the content ready to Edit and Publish.

The URL to share via Tackk is:

You can specify the following parameters on the URL to customize the Tackk (You must specify at least one):

URL ParameterDescription
title Specifying the title parameter will set the Tackk's title.
content Specifying the content parameter will add a Text widget to the Tackk with the content you specify
url Specifying the url parameter will embed the given URL in to the Tackk via the Media widget


Tackk This!


<a href="{title}&url={url}&content={content}" target="_blank">Tackk This!</a>


Tackk Icon (96x96)