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Best Dog Treadmills for 2015

  • These are the reviews and dog treadmills I was looking at. They're not really cheap, but they are affordable, and WOW at the difference our puppy treadmill has made in Ginger. She's lost some weight, has more energy - and she really loves walking and running on it. If you're still looking for dog treadmills that are cheap, you'll see ones on this page I think might work for you and Dander. I know Dander is more of a "big dog" and Ginger is more or a "small dog" - but there is a perfect one for each.

    Oh, and don't worry about putting it together - it's really simple to do. I didn't even have to read the!

    I know some of your local stores like PetSmart or Walmart or Target might sell these, but trust me, with the Free Shipping and the cheaper prices, it's WAY better to just order your dog treadmill online and let them bring it TO you.

How To GET My Dog To Use...and Stay ON... a Dog Treadmill

The Answer:

The first week I didn't turn it on at all. After the first week, I started to feed my dog on the platform. When she was used to jumping up on it, I made sure that she was on lead and started it up on the slowest speed. I gave her lots of treats and praises. Each day I increased the speed and time a little and continued with the treats. As I was training her, I played around with various speeds until I found that 2.5 mph was the best speed for her gait. The training took about a month all together.

My dog uses it about four or five days a week and stays on for about 45 minutes to one hour without a lead. I still use a treat to lure her on it, but once she starts, she stays on by herself. I now keep the treadmill in my garage along with a big fan for warmer days. I always warm her down slowly to the slowest speed before she dismounts. This is a truly wonderful device, and it has solved the problem of my inability (bad knee) to walk her.

I HIGHLY recommend the PetZen DogTread, and the small dog size doesn't take up very much space.

PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill, Up to 30-Pounds, Small

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I thought I would have to do my two Maltese-mix boys separately, but then one of them jumped on and joined in voluntarily. (I have the smaller model and 6 lb. dogs.) Now they do it together all the time. It took them about 5 minutes to get the hang of it. I give them a pin-head size piece of string cheese about twice a minute to keep them interested, teaming it with "Watch me" or name repetition, so it doubles as a training device. I occasionally throw little treats on it and say "treadmill." They understood right away.

I ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived Wednesday morning. 10 minutes later, it was up and running. I use it for extra exercise and for use in bad weather. Also, when my back is misbehaving.

I didn't expect to like it so much, but it's great.

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