the decoration of mosques as a matter of pride

"The hour will not come until the people will show off about the masjid" -Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that one of the minor sign of the Day of Judgement will be that Muslims will lose pride in their religion and focus on making it look beautiful instead.

He wanted us to focus on our prayers, and not the unnecessary decoration of the Masjid itself. It is a distraction from our religion.

Many Masjids have been built by kings and rich people and the intention of making the mosque wasn't for it to serve as a place of prayer but rather as a way to show off and display something.

Large Numbers of women, lack OF men

Allah's messenger (SAW) said "It is from the sign of the last hour that knewledge would be taken away, ignorance would prevail around the world, alcohol would be drank, adultery would be common, the number of men will fall short and the women would survive that there would be one man to look after 50 women."

This has not currently taken place, but it is predicted that in the future there will be more women than men.

Abundance of Earthquakes

The Prophet (SAW)  said: The hour will not come until the earthquakes spread."

Today we are witnessing the increase of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

We should always remember Allah, especially when we witness a sign of the Last Day like an earthquake.

Frequent occurrences of disgrace, distortion, and defimation

Aisha asked: "Oh Allah will perdition fall upon them when there are pious among them?" The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "Yes, when virulence appears."

The world today is filled with disgraceful acts and untrustworthy people. We should remember that Allah is always watching us and that He will punish us for our sins during the Day of Judgement unless we pray and repent regularly.

When people wish to die because of severe trials and tribulations

The Prophet (pbuh)"I swear to Allah that the day of resurrection till the man passes by another man's grave saying 'I wish that were me'."

Death has become something romanticized in today's society. Many people "desire" death. And the suicide death toll only increases as the years pass.

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