Domains and Kingdoms

Domain Archaea

Daniel E. (5-4-15) 1st

Prokaryotic, Autotrophic, or Heterotrophic, Cell, Uncommon Liphids, Asexual, Decomposer, Live in extreme environments

Domain Bacteria

Prokaryotic Unicellular Cell, auto and heterotrophic, asexual Can't live in extreme environments

Domain Eukarya

Any Eukaryotic Cell

Kingdom Archea

Unicellular, prokaryotic cells that can be heterotrophic, autotrophic and they reproduce asexually

Kingdom Bacteria

Unicellular  prokaryotic cells that reproduce asexually

Kingdom Protista

Unicellular Eukaryotic Cells mostly reproduce asexually

Kingdom Fungi

Eukaryotic heterotrophic multicellular organisms. Sexually or Asexually

Kingdom Plantae

Autotrophic Eukaryotic multicellular organisms. Sexually or Asexually

Kingdom Animalia

Eukaryotic heterotrophic multicellular organisms. Mostly reproduce sexually