Cardboard chair

I chose to do the cardboard chair for my 20% project because I love building and making things and it seems like a lot of fun. I would like to learn how to plan out build things using Google. This would not be something I would like to do for a career because I am not that good of a planner yet.


Today I drew out what I wanted the chair to look like and i tried to make it look like it was put together but I didn't get the side lengths in yet.

The Side Lengths

Today  I was able to put in the side lengths. I used my own chair for a reference. Tomorrow I will have to fine how big the squares are.

More measurements

Today I did some measurements on how big the squares should be on my drawing for the chair.  I also started making a directions page for what I will need to bring in. I am starting to see how long this will really take to get done.

My instructions

Today I used the model I made to get directions to cut the cardboard and I am seeing that I may need to change my drawing a little bit to make it exactly like the real design will be.

What I need to know

I need to know how to cut the card board chair fast and straight. I need to find my own method to cutting the cardboard.

What i am learning

Today I have learned how much harder I thought this would be. It turns out there is a lot more work than I thought but it all looks like cutting and  putting together from now on.

What I am seeing

What I need to know is how to repeat my cutting process through the cardboard more efficiently because I need 9 of the same cuttings.  I also found out today this is no walk in the park cutting the cardboard with small scissors.

What I am improving on

I am starting to get better at the cutting process and now I can cut the cardboard faster and straighter so I don't have to go back and cut off unwanted spots. The only hard part is finding a big enough

Technical Things

I am near the end and it is almost time for the glue and I will need to cut holes to stick them together. I also learned how to cut the card board more efficiently, all I have to do is cut the card board with the inside part of the scissors or I take it home and cut it with the  tree snipers.

Coming down to it

Today I finished up cutting my shape and I moved on to cutting two different ones, but I may need to take home the cardboard home tonight.

Getting It Done

Today I took a lot home to do work and all I have to do  now is cut out one piece of cardboard and then I can build.

More cutting

Today I started cutting into the chair to fit it together. I am really starting to hate this project I would never ever want this as a career. This is torture.


Today I kept on cutting the pieces of cardboard to fit them together It should go together like a model air plane.


I may need to change the size of each square on the chair because I need to make the chair more stable by putting the pieces closer together.  I don't know if I will be able to lean back to far on my chair. I will see when its done.

Putting it together

I could not find some of my pieces today and that will be a huge set back. The chair is finally coming together.


My chair was a huge failure. You can't even sit on it. It is really bad. This has been my worst project ever. There are many things I could have done to make it better.

- make the boards thicker

- make the back legs go out more

- make the project simpler

- take care of my cut outs better because I lost some of my pieces

- make it a chair

- make a surface for the bottom and back

- make it extra sturdy

Apple made many machines that had problems also and they improved on them and I could do the same if I had more time, but now I can enjoy my summer and try to forget about this horrid ''chair''. Now it is just a bonfire starter.

This is what it looks like after being sat on.


What I learned was how to improve on a project in many ways as you can see my list from  my last entry. As you can see I learned a lot.

And again as I said before my "chair" turned out terrible and there are many ways I can improve it. It was just bad because it you could not sit on it.

Never would I want this as a career unless I had a chain saw to cut all the cardboard at once because it was very hard and it took a lot of planning for the cardboard. Plus I would be working on the same thing for weeks.

I wish I had picked to make the Rube Goldberg machine because I had a good idea. I really thought I would like the cardboard chair because when I was around 8 and 9 I loved to play with the Lego toys and I thought this would be a step up.

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Wow! I'm really impressed by your plans! Awesome job!

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Sounds interesting! Good research.

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Nice research sounds like a good plan.

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This is really cool! You did a lot of research.

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Hallo nate,😄 😄 😄 😄 😄