Dominican Republic

Made by: Emily Siegel

Dominican Republic has many beaches and golf resorts. You can go on many adventures and this is one of the most beautiful sights in the Caribbean's. There are stunning mountain scenery and desert scrublands.  

Food and Drinks

Foods- Rice and Beans             Drinks- Coffee and freshly squeezed juice


Their capital is Santo Domingo, the money they use is called Pesos, the population is 10.4 million, their official language is spanish, two neighbors of the Dominican Republic is Haiti and Cuba

Local Expressions

Tato- Good, Mato- Tree, Conuco- Farm

Climate and Geograhy

Dominican Republic's climate is very warm and nice and the geography has tropical rain-forests and islands and also some mountains and deserts.

Map of the Dominican Republic

In Punta Cana there are some professional courses for golfers and a beach for relaxing and playing in the sand. You can go zip-lining, dance along with Dominican music at a performance, or you can explore the lagoons at the Eyes Ecological Park.  

Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic, it's the oldest inhabited European settlement and one of the most populous cities in the Caribbean. There are hidden gems in an underground cave and you can go visit the beautiful beach.

Sosua has clear waters and it's perfect for going snorkeling and diving.

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Youtube Video of the type of Music

Dominican Republic Music

I thought the music was very different and cool because it's nothing like the music I listen to. Their kind of music is fast pace and a lot of instruments in the background, and the music I listen to is edited in the background of the song. They say the same line over and over again in spanish, but it's very catchy. I think it's very happy and energetic that just puts a smile on your face. I also like it how they don't sing every second so the instruments have a solo.

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