Donald Sonn Discusses Prostate Cancer

One of the specialties of Donald Sonn, longtime Urologic Surgeon at the Urology Group of Western New England, is the use of robotic surgery, via the state of the art da Vinci system, for Prostate Cancer. Well-educated and with over 17 years of medical experience, Sonn continues to use this advanced medical tool to provide patients with prostate cancer the expert treatment and care they deserve.

Prostate Cancer, as Donald Sonn knows, consists of malignant cells that form within the tissues of the prostate. One of the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancers in men (1 in 6 will be diagnosed over the course of a lifetime), prostate cancer isn’t an easy condition for patients, though through advanced screening, awareness and early diagnosis, most of these cancers can be localized and treated before they begin the spread elsewhere.

As Donald Sonn knows, prostate cancer is responsible for the deaths of more people than any other form of cancer, with the exception of lung cancer. About 186,000 new cases of the disease were diagnosed in the US in 2008, and it is estimated that just over 1.8 million American men are currently survivors of this difficult condition.

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