Donald Ayers

Health-care Information Technology Consultant

About Donald Ayers

A veteran of the health-care industry, Donald Ayers provides information technology consulting services for hospitals and medical centers as they adopt new electronic record-keeping systems. Donald Ayers works closely with doctors and nurses to train them on how to use the new systems most effectively and the ways in which such technology can improve the center’s overall level of patient care. In addition to electronic records technology, he also offers guidance with computerized patient scheduling systems and pharmaceutical tracking tools.

Outside of his career, Donald Ayers dedicates much of his free time to various nonprofit organizations. He volunteers time each week with the American Red Cross in Richmond, Virginia, where he assists U.S. armed services members who have rehabilitation needs. In addition, as an active member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, he volunteers as a brass polisher in preparation for weekend services and helps plan special parish events. He has also spent several years teaching job-readiness and computer skills at a local community center. Recreationally, Ayers enjoys spending time with his family and woodworking.

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