Donald Harwood Frozen River

Producer of the Independent Film Frozen River

About Donald Harwood Frozen River

Donald Harwood is an experienced attorney known for his work in the entertainment industry as executive producer for the critically acclaimed film Frozen River. A crime drama about smuggling immigrants into the United States from Canada, the film received two Oscar Nominations and won numerous awards, including the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Film. As executive producer, Mr. Harwood prepared talent contracts, achieved product placement agreements, and served as production counsel for all aspects of the film shoot. The film was written and directed by his wife, Courtney Hunt.

Beyond his success as a film producer, Donald Harwood currently serves as principal of the law firm Harwood Reiff, LLC, in New York City. His law firm focuses on real estate law and complex commercial litigation. Mr. Harwood holds a bachelor’s degree in government and history from St. Lawrence University and a juris doctor from Northeastern University School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in New York and Massachusetts.

Types of Commercial Litigation

Attorney Donald Harwood is the principal and a founding member of Harwood Reiff, LLC, and was also executive producer of the independent film Frozen River. With over 30 years of trial and appellate experience, Donald Harwood most recently overturned the murder conviction in the case of Commonwealth v. Richard Figueroa, although he and his firm in New York concentrate on real estate and commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation concerns business transactions. Many types of commercial litigation exist. A breach of contract, for instance, occurs when one party fails to meet the obligations listed in a valid contract that outlines the relationship between the parties.

Suppose for example an independent author enters into a contract with an audiobook publisher to produce and sell her book. The contract would list obligations, such as the author's responsibility to deliver the manuscript to the publisher in a timely fashion, and the publisher’s commitment to pay the author within a certain period of time. If the writer delivers the manuscript as requested but the publisher fails to deliver payment within the agreed-upon span, then the author could sue the publisher for breach of contract.

Corporate disputes encompass one of the most complex areas of commercial litigation. These disputes may arise during processes such as business divorce, acquisitions, and mergers. While corporate disputes can be tried in court, many contracts stipulate that the parties must attempt mediation or arbitration before airing their conflict in a courtroom.