Don Criqui

Longtime NFL and Collegiate Sports Play-by-play Announcer

Don Criqui

With a career in NFL television broadcasting spanning more than four decades, Don Criqui has held responsibilities as the New England Patriots’ pre-season play-by-play announcer for 19 straight years. His 46 years with the NBC and CBS networks is the lengthiest continuous TV engagement of any NFL broadcaster active today. In honor of his lifetime achievements, Don Criqui earned the Pete Rozelle Award at a ceremony held at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003. The award represents the highest honor that an NFL broadcaster can receive.

In addition to his NFL broadcasting experience, Mr. Criqui has been a Notre Dame/IMG Sports Network play-by-play broadcaster for nearly a decade. Since the early 1970s, he has served as a member of the Heisman Trophy Committee, selecting the recipients of collegiate football’s most prestigious honor. He currently acts as head of the Committee’s northeast section and is a Heisman Special Service Award recipient. Experienced as a motivational public speaker, Don Criqui has undertaken extensive volunteer work focused on helping urban youth improve their public speaking skills. He was honored for these efforts with the Diocese of Newark, New Jersey’s Special Service Award.

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