Donna Eacho

Former Banker and Community Leader

About Donna Eacho

Wife of recent U.S. Ambassador to Austria William Eacho, Donna Eacho spent the past four years handling a number of social and official duties in support of the embassy’s mission. Educated at Duke University, Donna Eacho earned a BA in management science from this school and an MBA from the University of North Carolina before beginning a career in finance at North Carolina National Bank.

Following periods as a vice president of the First National Bank of Chicago and Crestar Bank in Washington, D.C., Ms. Eacho joined the board of directors of Madison National Bank of Virginia. She would later serve on the Duke University Trinity College of Arts and Sciences board of visitors, the board of the Kenwood Citizens Association , and the board of trustees of the Round House Theatre, where today she sits on its advisory board. She has also chaired various fundraisers for D.C.-area Landon, Maret, and Norwood Schools.

Ms. Eacho moved to Austria following her husband’s appointment as ambassador in 2009. They returned to the U.S. in 2013

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