Stop Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is a major issue that needs to be stopped!

Around 30% of Americans are in a alcohol related car crash during their lifetime. We need to make that lower!

Drinking and Driving is the wrong way to drive! In 2006 there were 17,941 crashes related to alcohol. This was 41% of the total 43,000 crashes! And around 80% of crashes are from alcohol/beer consumption. We need to bring down these percentages and start being resposible for what we do.

We can stop drinking and driving by no driving after you have drank. Get a cab or someone to take you home. If you decide to drive after drinking you could kill someone as well as youself! Or you can simply not drink much only have a few drinks. If you take these tips you could be saving someone elses life as well as yours!

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