Doug Dohring

Age of Learning CEO, Former NeoPets CEO

About Doug Dohring

Doug Dohring founded Age of Learning, Inc. a leading education technology company, in 2010, and he is currently CEO of Age of Learning.

As chairman and CEO of NeoPets, Inc., Doug Dohring created a new way of monetizing websites through advertising. In the early and mid-2000s, when NeoPets was building its website into the internet’s top destination based on time spent per user and number of page views per user, online advertising came primarily in the form of pop-up and banner ads. Doug Dohring felt that those methods of advertising compromised the user experience, especially for children. Providing a good user experience was crucial to NeoPets’ success, so Doug Dohring and his team invented “Immersive Advertising,” an advertising method that integrates advertising organically and directly into a site’s content.

Immersive Advertising appealed to many companies looking to reach NeoPets’ audience of tweens and teens. In one case, The Walt Disney Company advertised its film releases through a true-to-life animated version of its famous El Capitan Theatre. NeoPets users could enter the virtual theater, which was accurate down to the concession stand and interior decoration. Inside the theater, a trailer for a Disney movie would play, and often a game based on the film would allow users to interact with movie-related content. Creating authentic Disney experiences for NeoPets users, required a very close working partnership between Disney and Neopets animators. This level of collaboration between Disney and an outside company was unprecedented.

During his time at the helm of NeoPets, Doug Dohring realized that he wanted to use his experience creating engaging online platforms for kids to promote education and help children gain the confidence they need to succeed in the classroom. NeoPets, however, was not the right platform to realize this dream because of its focus on entertainment.

Doug Dohring sold the company in 2005 to MTV Networks, a division of Viacom, and after completing an 18-month management transition, he founded Age of Learning in 2007 with the goal of using the internet to help kids become confident and effective learners.

Age of Learning launched the multi-award-winning Early Learning Academy in 2010, which now provides over 5,000 educational activities to children ages 2 - 7. is also used free of charge in tens of thousands of classrooms nationwide. Early Learning Academy is now also available on iOS and Android tablet and phone apps, and over one billion learning activities have been completed on to date. Learn how Age of Learning is promoting early learning excellence for all with Age of Learning Education Access Initiatives.

Age of Learning's Education Access Initiatives offer schools, libraries, community centers, housing authorities and other community organizations free access to our complete early learning curriculum. for Schools is regularly used in more than 50,000 classrooms.

Age of Learning supports the Invest In US initiative by committing to "provide for free to every preschool, Head Start, and kindergarten classroom in the U.S. over the next two years, with a value expected to exceed $10 million." And Age of Learning recently partnered with the ConnectHome initiative to "make its award-winning Early Learning Academy curriculum available for free to families living in public housing in 27 cities and one tribal nation, serving up to 65,000 children ages 2 – 7 each year."

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