Douglas Geyman

San Diego wrongful termination lawyer

About Douglas Geyman

Attorney Douglas Geyman has spent nearly two decades advocating for employees who have experienced wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace. Based in San Diego, Mr. Geyman specializes in employment law and is principal owner of the Law Offices of Douglas Geyman. For the past two years he has earned a spot on the employment law section of the Best Attorneys in San Diego, a list compiled by the San Diego County Bar Association to highlight the most prominent and successful attorneys in their designated fields of practice.

Mr. Geyman began practicing law in 1992 after earning his Juris Doctor degree. His practice focuses on several areas, which include wrongful termination, discrimination, and wage and hour cases. In the area of wrongful termination, Mr. Geyman specializes in examining oral or written contracts specifying terms of employment and determining if those terms have been violated; for discrimination cases he is skilled at identifying violations of anti-discrimination policies at both state and federal levels.

Mr. Geyman's background includes service in the United States Marine Corps, the character-building effects of which he attributes many of his present courtroom successes. When not working, he enjoys lifting weights and playing chess. Mr. Geyman is an avid chess player who has been an active member of several clubs and competed in national tournaments based on the game.

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