Douglas Margel

Exploring the World in Many Ways

About Douglas Margel

Among his many interests, founder and former chief executive officer of Crystal River Organics Douglas Margel enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits. Douglas Margel also enjoys such diverse pleasures as meditation and traveling the world to strengthen his sense of connection to Asian and other cultures.

Mr. Margel expresses his love of nature by exploring the natural world. Fortunate to live in Colorado, a state known for its rustic natural beauty, Mr. Margel spends time hiking in the Colorado Rockies. His climbing activities include hiking in higher elevations as well as along rivers and lakes. An enthusiast of the state’s geological and astronomical wonders, he especially appreciates Colorado’s many hot springs.

Douglas Margel’s dedicated practice of Buddhist meditation and his appreciation for traveling to Asian countries share a common thread. With an affinity for Asian cultures, he has journeyed across Asia, including the South Asian subcontinent and the Southeast Asian peninsula of Indochina, to such countries as India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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