Douglas Reeves

Award-Winning Researcher and Educator

About Douglas Reeves

Commanding a diversity of experience as an administrator and researcher, Dr. Douglas Reeves dedicates himself to a number of charitable and civic-minded endeavors when not attending to his professional responsibilities. Among other organizations, Dr. Reeves founded Finish the Dissertation!, a group that works to aid doctoral students in their research. In addition, he founded the New England Veteran Writers Group, which works to aid veterans in writing about their work and lives. Dr. Douglas Reeves has also volunteered as a debate coach for Swampscott High School as well as an advisor to the Swampscott Middle School and Stanley School student newspapers.

A researcher on the effects of creativity in school and the workplace with the Center for Successful Leadership, Dr. Doug Reeves has received a number of honors and awards throughout his career. In 2006, he received the Brock International Prize in Education and was named Education Writer of the Year by the California Superintendents Association in 2002. Furthermore, he was asked to participate as a lecturer in the Harvard Graduate School of Education Distinguished Author’s Series.