Comma Rules

The first six rules for using commas are: 1.When separating phrases that don't need to be there. Example : My fish, Jimmy, is crazy. 2. When linking two independent clause with a conjunction. Example : I want to buy this Barbie, but I don't have enough money. 3. When your addressing someone In particular. Example: Let's eat, mom and dad! 4. When making a list. Example: For Christmas I want toys, a puppy, a purse and a iPhone. 5. When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.  Example: The green, beautiful clover.6. After introducing phrases or clauses. Example: Once I eat this apple, I'll eat an orange. Now for other three ways to use commas are for dates example: November 11, 2014. Ending of a letter example: "Love, Dad". Lastly for locations example: Atlanta , GA. How do you know when to not use commas? That's easy. When a sentence can use a pause, when separating two independent clauses without a conjunction, and after a conjunction. Now you know the Comma Rules!!! (:

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