Adolf Hitler

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th Grade Language Arts Class
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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Australia and died on April 30, 1945.

Significant Events that Affected Adolf Hitlers' Life:

1903- At age 13, Adolf becomes the male head of the house when his father dies.

1914- World War I begins and Hitler joins the Bavarian Army.

1920- Hitler becomes president of German Worker's Party. (DAP)

1933- Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany in January, then on April 1, ordered boycott of Jewish business's throughout Germany.

Adolf's Childhood

Adolf Hitler did not have a pleasant childhood. Adolf's mother, Klara, showered him with affection. Although he loved her, at times he greatly yearned for independence. Alois, Adolf's father, was the complete opposite of his mother. Being older than 50 at the time of having children, he had very little patience for the 5 who ran about his home. Alois became an alcoholic, thus being violent and very irritable. He often would beat his children, wife, and even their dog. Alois Jr, Alolf's half brother, got the worst of the beatings. Their mother rarely stepped in to stop the beatings of Alois Jr, as she always did with her own son. This resulted in Alois Jr. greatly disliking his half brother, Adolf. Being the eldest boy in the house (after Alois Jr. ran away from home at age 14), Adolf often argued with Alois. His sister and half-sister recall very much yelling and arguing.

Some of Adolf's various speeches.

People Who Influenced Adolf's Life

Alois Hitler (Adolf's father) - Fought greatly with Adolf about government and politics.

Klara Hitler (Adolf's mother) - Made Adolf crave independence.

Unique Facts About Adolf Hitler

1)  When he was younger, Adolf wanted to be an artist.

2) Hitler did not smoke or drink.

3) In prison, Hitler made several attempts at suicide.

4) After the death of his niece, Adolf became a vegetarian.

5) Adolf introduced the 4-lane road system, which is the model for our highways now!

This is one of Adolf Hitler's paintings while he was in Vienna.


- Hitler became the chancellor of Germany.

- Became the Dictator of Germany.

The Theme for Adolf Hitler's life was..

I think that the theme for Adolf Hitler's life is that you can if you want something bad enough, you go out and fight for it, not just watch everything pass by.

What Adolf Hitler Taught Me

Adolf Hitler, despite all of the bad things he has done, has taught me a valuable life lesson. He taught me that that if you want something, you have to reach for it. He also taught me that there is power in numbers. One person alone can't do as much as a whole bunch of people working together for something.


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