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Summer Projects

EDTC 5310

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Web Curration

I really like Blendspace.  It is the perfect tool for a math class. Because it is so versatile with videos, handouts, and pictures students can find it very helpful.  Also, I like the fact that if I send students to my Blendspace, I can control what they are looking at.

Presentation Tools

I enjoyed using Prezi and can see myself using it in a math class.  I liked that it puts a different spin on PowerPoint and how easy it is to embed any videos, documents and pictures.  Visual aides are very useful for math classes which Prezi makes very accessible.


Tagxedo is useful to make cool cover pages for anything.  I don't think I would use it directly for a math lesson, but I would definitely put it on handouts and other things to make handouts look a little more appealing to students.


Voki is a cute way to get students interested and to introduce a new topic.  I don't think I would regularly use this is a secondary math class, but I can see myself throwing it in every now and then to give students a little laugh.  

Screen Casting

I like the idea of screen casting because it gives students a very visual aide as to how to do certain things.  I can definitely see me using the ScreenCast-o-Matic in my classroom to give a tour of a website, or give examples to different math problems. This is a great resource for math classes because instead of trying to type out step by step instructions, teachers can create a video that shows the through process when doing a problem and explains why exactly they are doing each step.


Edmodo can be used to communicate with different classes. I like Edmodo because you can make separate groups for different classes and communicate with them directly while they're not at school. I thought it was cool because you can easily post documents, videos, quizzes, and polls.  With a math class, it may be difficult for students to submit assignments directly, but it would be very resourceful for students to have something to look back on to make sure they have done everything assignment.  Also, if they loose notes, they would be able to go back to the Edmodo site and download the notes.

3D Images

This is my attempt at creating a 3D image.  I think it looks pretty cool! The only thing I don't like is that I couldn't seem to find a way to just save the picture.  Instead, I had to publish it and copy and paste the link.  I attempted to embed the picture through using the url, but that didn't work either. The picture itself turned out to be cooler than I expected as well.  If you put your mouse over the left side, it focuses like it should, but if you move it to the right, it just looks like its flipping between two pictures.  

This is another image I ended up with, but couldn't save.  

Concept mapping


I enjoy Popplet because it was an easy way to organize your thoughts.  I can see myself using Popplet as a tool to give students a heads up to what we will be covering throughout a unit.  As far as students go, they could use it for research projects or as a way for me to check for understanding.  Like the one I have created above, I could get students to create their own about a certain unit to see how they relate different concepts to each other.

Video tools

TedEd showed a way to make sure students are getting the right information out of watching a video. I liked this resource because many times students don't really watch the videos they are supposed to. Even if students skip through and look at the questions, they will get more out of the video than if they didn't watch it at all.  TedEd allows the teacher to focus the students attention to specific topics.

Web interaction

Padlet was a very simple way to create a place where students can go and comment with pictures, links or documents. This was very easy to create and customize.  As far as my classroom goes, I can see myself using Padlet as a way for teachers to communicate back and forth.  Because it is so easy to access and comment on all teachers can us it to share new ideas, links, or questions they may have.

Google forms

Google forms was really nice and easy to use! I really like it for things like first day of school surveys to have information accessible on my computer. I like that students can go fill them out on their own time and it immediately links to an excel sheet.  I can really see myself using this in all kinds of ways in my actual classroom!

Digital story


Picture Mosaic


I used PicArtia to make this mosaic.  I like it because it took me about 5 minutes to complete.  I wish that I could have controlled which pictures made up the main pictures.  I could only chose from different pre-created albums. I could see using this idea for different classes if I could make a mosaic of pictures students use.  This could also be a tool to get to know students at the beginning of the year by having them create their own.

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