Wattpad.com is a site where you can find and read different stories from different authors. Surely, you can find any story/stories that you want to readbig there. You have different choices. If you want romance stories, wattpad can give you. If you want vampire stories, wattpad have it, if you want science fiction, you can also find it on wattpad, and many more. Also, in this site, you can also write you own stories and share it to public. It's a site for writes or authors who wants to share their stories.

You can install this application on your android phone and enjoy reading stories even if you are offline and in your pc. You just need to add the stories you want to read on your reading list and library then you can start reading. Also, wattpad is global so you can other authors in other countries stories! Like in the America, Spain, Canada where wattpad originated and many more.