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Aphrodite is..

Aphrodite is a Greek goddess of love and beauty.The Greek loved Aphrodite they even called her Urania (queen of heaven).She was also considered goddess of seafaring and warfare.As Aphrodite was found so was Venus. She is also a god for another thing that people don't usually know shes a goddess of fertility. (Philips).

love,beauty, & warfare

Aphrodite became the goddess of love based on different stories of her love life with different gods like,Hephaestus who she married she was also loved by so many people so thats how she got the name goddess of love.She became the goddess of beauty because of an encounter with Paris (a Trojan prince) he picked her out of many other goddesses because he claims she was the most beautiful and the most fairest in the land. Greece considered her the goddess of warfare because she helped during 10 years of war and even assisted the Trojan soldiers (mainly Paris) . (Aphrodite)

Aphrodite was born...

Some say Aphrodite was born in west Asia and grew up in Greece . The poet Hesiod said she came out of foam in the sea and that's why shes considered goddess of seafaring. There`s another rumor that states  homer designed her as Zeus's & Dione's child,she definitely took that role in all the stories shes told in.(Aphrodite)

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