Preparing for the Arabian Pensnula

This will show you 10 vital tips for living in the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is not a usual place to live the environment is harsh and there is not a lot of water but do not worry! Oasis can't help fill any thirsty traveler's soul. Also Bendioum Camels will be very handy in the southern desert is that

The Environment is hot and dry desert environment which is very harsh. Summer temperatures often rise above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter and night time temperatures can drop below freezing. There is not a lot of annul rainfall as it isn't more than 3 to 4 inches

Some Adaptions that you must make is living in tents instead of large houses and Bedouins are a great way to travel since they can go without water for a very long time. Also food can be milk, yogurt and cheese with a rare hint of meat. The food comes mostly from the animals that you have which can be goats, sheep's and camel's

Now here 10 tips for living in the desert:

1. Do not cattle often because they are not common

2. Use Bendouins as travel since they can go a while without water

3. Travel to a  Oasis when possible because it is your best source of water

4. Do not camp on Coastal plains because they can flood easily

5. If you see a desert caravan you should try to trade goods

6. Where loose fitting clothes so you can stay cool

7. Avoid unnecessary strenuous activities because they produce heat

8.If you see a whirlwind of dust get to cover immediately

9.Don't forget to let your camels and cattle drink and eat as well

10. When you are settling try to settle near water

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