Fingernail Polish

By: Kathryn Sain

Function of Fingernail Polish:

Fingernail polish is used for decorating and protecting the nail. It is also used to end cracking or flaking of the nail.

History of Fingernail polish:

It is believed that the fingernail polish was made by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty. Those who wanted the nail polish had to make it themselves. The ingredients they used at the time were egg whites, beeswax, gelatin and gum arabic. In addition to this, you would need to add the coloring pigment which has different ingredients to the different colors, for example flower petals. Red became the most popular color all the way back from the Ming Dynasty era. The Ancient Egyptians also used fingernail polish as well, however, they used different ingredients. For example, henna extracts.

Major Materials:

In most of the fingernail polishes, there are three major ingredients:                                     1. Organic solvents                                                                                                           2. Thickeners or hardening agents                                                                                   3. Color pigments

One Major Material For Fingernail Polish:

I chose color pigments as my one major material.

Properties of Color pigments:

The main properties of color pigments are hue, value, intensity.

  • Hue: color in the most perfect form
  • Value: a color's shade and tint                                                                                -Shade: color when any amount of black is added to it                                            -Tint: color when any amount of white is added to it.
  • Intensity: the color formed when mixing a color and its opposite color.

Origin of Color Pigments:

All colored pigments were made from certain types of natural minerals for example, rock and different types of soil found on the earth for example, clay, plant and root materials. Artists from the very beginning have used just about all materials they can find to paint with. Some of these items that they used worked an sometimes they didn't work. Many pigments today are manufactured synthetically as some of the traditional pigments. Many are highly expensive to get and some are very toxic and unsafe for the artist to use regularly.

Something Extra:

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