Where Do Tadpoles Live

What water would be best for a tadpole to live?

If I put the litmus paper into the creek water then it would be it 8 because that's the most common place for tadpoles/frogs to live.

The chart shown above shows that salt came out as 6 both times tap came out as 7 both times and creek came out as 8 both times.


1. To put the litmus paper into the salt water and set it to the side to dry (do this two times)

2. Once both papers dry compare them to the paper on the tube.

3. Repeat steps  1 and 2 but with tap and creek water.

Side item 1:

Patterns: Weather patterns is caused by many different patterns that has to do with many things. Water currents are caused by how water flows in a pattern. Moon phases are in a pattern.

Side item 2:


Curiosity is when you are wondering what something is.

Concept map: it makes you think about what you learned.

Water cycle: we have to think about how it all flows.

Rocket project: we have to think about how big the balloon would be to make it go further.

Roller coaster project: we had to think about how to get the coaster to the end.

Moon phases: we think about where the phases will be.

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