Water Issues in Turkey

The three countries that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow through are Tukey, Syria, and Iraq.

Water from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Turkey, Syria, and Iraq have had problems for years determining who gets how much water from their main sources, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  Each country wants different amounts, and giving them all what they want would be impossible and unreasonable.  This poster will show what Turkey thinks is fair and reasonable.

Atatürk Dam in Turkey on the Euphrates river.
This graph compares the populations of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

Populations and Water

As seen on the graph above, Turkey has the highest population of the three countries fighting for water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  Even though the population of Iraq is almost twice Syria's, Turkey still has a higher population than both countries combined.  This already high population is expected to increase over the years, and the higher a population is, the more water that country needs.  While Syria and Iraq do need water, Turkey needs more based on population.  If all the countries cannot agree on something, they may need to get water from a different source.

Water Availability and Use

Turkey has access to lots of water, and doesn't use nearly as much as it could.  It gets most of its water from inside the country, in fact, the amount of water it receives from external sources is a negative number.  Turkey has access to more water than it needs right now, but that could change.  Even though it uses less water than it has, Turkey is fair because it doesn't take water away from other countries, it only uses what it has.

This graph compares water use in Turkey for agriculture, industry,

Water Needs of Turkey

Turkey needs most of its water for agricultural needs.  The usage of water for industry and domestic use is very low compared to the use for agriculture.  It takes up about 79% of their water use, and agriculture helps Turkey feed its large population of people and make money.  Not all of this water needs to be clean and purified, since agricultural water for crops will not be for drinking.  Of course, some clean and purified water will be needed for human intake.  Turkey's water needs are very basic and reasonable.

Turkish Angora Cat

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