Airplanes:Mechanical Birds

An airplane engine can get bigger than a monster

Stealth bombers are the only planes that cannot be detected on radars

Today, many people like to play with model airplanes

There are over 297 airlines in the world!

The cruising altitude for a plane is between 30000 feet and 45000 feet above sea level.

Lots of people like to watch airplanes do tricks at air shows.

Amelia Earheart

Amelia Earhart is one of the most well known female aviators of all time. She was born on July 24 1897.Here are some pictures of her.

This is her signature.

This is her as a young girl.

This is her with her plane.

Sadly, Amelia disappeared at age 39 attempting a trip around the world.

Wonder Woman And her Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston.

Principles Of Flight

A person named Bernoulli figured out the principles of flight.This is a picture of his principle and his equations.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers did an amazing things. On  December 17, 1903,in Kittyhawk North Carolina, the Wright brothers brought airplanes into the world.Here are some pictures of them.

do the right thing and think of the wright brothers