Ch. 18 Enlightenment Cereal Box Project

Front (15)

-Name your cereal (relate it to your person)

-Picture of your person (appropriate size)

-Slogan for your cereal (relate it to your person)

Side 1 – Ingredients (30)

-Name of philosopher

Date of birth

-Country of birth

-Area of writing (ex. Music, economics, etc…)

-Name of 1 major work

Side 2- Impact (30)

-Overall impact of your topic/person/idea on America (what is this person known for)

-Quote from this person

Back (15)

-5 Trivia/Fun facts about your person

-A game (maze, crossword, word search, etc.) about your topic

-Name and date on the bottom of the box

Presentation (10)

Speak clearly/Make eye contact/Answer Questions from me

Total= 100

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