How to make the perfect grilled cheese

By: Alegre Attias (info from

Bread (sliced)
Cheese (sliced)
Butter (melted)
Other sandwich fillings (optional)
Equipmentpastry brushsmall pan with lidspatulastovetopInstructions(our two special tips are #2 and #6)

1. Start warming your pan on medium low.
2. With a pastry brush start paint one side of a slice of bread with melted butter
3. Put this slice into your pan butter side down
4. Quickly assemble your sliced cheese pieces (and any other fillings) onto the bread
5. Top with other piece of bread and paint it with melted butter
6. Cover (doesn't have to be air tight) to generate more heat to melt cheese
7. Cook for about 2 minutes (if you're worried you can check the bottom to make sure it's not burning) until golden brown and cheese is melted. A medium low heat should prevent burning
8. Flip and cook on the other side for no more than a minute until bread is golden brown
9. Remove from pan and serve

Additional Notes: This will produce a soft sandwich (still with some crunch on the bread) like that you might get in a diner and what I've found many kids like. For an even crunchier texture don't use the cover. We kept it simple this time but suggested fillings include prosciutto or ham, apple slices or chutney. Note that we used a semi-hard extra sharp New York cheese here. American cheese will melt more quickly and, hence, need less time in the pan.

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