8 Men’s Wear Women Can Wear

The great thing about being a woman is that you can wear men’s clothing and still look good, which is something that can’t always be said for the other way around. With men’s fashion also leaning ever more closely to the feminine side, it’s even easier to come up with outfits using boys’ clothes.

Of course, there is still a challenge to picking the right pieces to balance the female beauty and male confidence. Here’s a list of 8 items women should check out when heading into the men’s section of the clothing store.

Polka Dot Button Downs

There is already a bright and bubbly quality in polka dot prints that makes wearing a button down shirt for men with such a pattern not that hard to pull off for the ladies. You can roll with the long sleeves out in full effect, or roll them up to your arms to get a little more fun out of the outfit.

Club Monaco’s “Philip” polka-dotted long-sleeve casual shirt is a great printed top you can try with its clean white on blue pattern that will match a tight pair of chinos.

Checked Suit

Kind of like how polka dots exude a sense of playfulness from their design, the checked suit has that loud exuberance that any stylish woman would have the confidence to wear and the panache to carry it well. The masculine retro ensemble of the checked blazer and slacks combination updated to modern sensibilities taken on by women is also a great statement of the power the fairer sex has gained throughout the decades.

Check out Christian Lecroix and John Galliano’s pieces for your fashion and gender progressive inspiration.


If there is one clear cut advantage men’s wear have over women’s clothes, it’s the comfort that their sizes and overall design provide that more tight-fitting shirts, dresses, and pants just don’t have. Nothing exemplifies this benefit more than a men’s sweater worn by a woman. It’s big and roomy, so you don’t ever have to worry about having trouble breathing or tucking in your stomach just to look good.

The ASOS Color Block Cable Crew Sweater is a great choice for its warm two-tone pattern bound to look good draped over a petite figure.

Long Tees

In the same vein as the sweater, long men’s tees offer the coziness that the average woman’s shirt usually doesn’t have. Unlike the sweater though, you can still find a size that actually fits a girl’s smaller figure elegantly enough to turn it into a sort of mini dress. Instead of wearing trousers for the bottom, tights will work great to complement the hem ending just above the thighs.

Virgin Blak’s long tee with the red plaid-patterned extended hem makes it even better with the illusion of a skirt turning up the style.

Printed Pants

Believe it or not, the realm of men’s high fashion is forward-looking enough to actually move ahead with printed pants. Male models strutting down the ramp in floral patterned trousers are way too cool to worry about their masculinity being put into question, but females can just get away with wearing these perky pants no questions asked.

Try out Versace or Gucci’s flowery spring/summer 2013 collection, and be as blooming as you can be while having that hint of male strength in your stride.

Wide Leg Pants

It’s not all about what’s on the men’s pants that make them a perfect alternative for women to wear. Size matters, and in the case of wide leg pants, it’s a stark contrast to the usual form-fitting trousers girls have to squeeze their way in to look good. The airy quality they have feels liberating, making them so much more comfortable to wear.

J.W. Anderson’s long black pants from his spring 2014 collection shown off at last year’s men’s fashion week looks great with a dress or a long tee on top.

Short Shorts

Going back to safer, more familiar territory, the short shorts that have grown to be very popular with the modern metro man can also be a hot choice for women. Considering how their size fits an average male, they can suit either the slender legs of lean women or the thicker thighs of curvy girls just fine.

The colorful prints and patterns that usually go with these types of shorts give you so many different options on how you can complete the outfit, too. You can lean a little girly with the Dolce & Gabbana striped shorts, or you can go for a more boyish look with Burberry’s printed pair.


Men’s fashion isn’t restricted to tops and bottoms. The accessories help make the man, but they can also help make the woman. It’s also only fitting that we end this list by closing the loop of one sex appropriating the other’s fashion with the man purse.

Men saw the value of having a small bag to keep his things when out and about, but saw that the purse can still hew to their sensibilities with some manly touches. Women can take back what was originally theirs, while benefiting from an alternative masculine design that is still lovely to look at, as epitomized by this checkered tote by Ben Minkoff.

Which of these are you willing to add to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section!