The History of Medicine Enquiry

We are going to be using research skills for this task; using the LibGuide you will find the answer to a question and then create a new question for the next person (a loop of questions and answers!)

Step 1: Go to the LibGuide and find Horrible Histories for Year 5.

Step 2: Use your research skills to find the answer to the 'Latest Question'. Type up your answer underneath it.

Step 3: Using the LibGuide and the different tabs look for some interesting facts then post a question about them; try to give clues to help the next person to navigate the site to find the answer.

Remember  to make the question interesting and ensure that the answer can be found using the tabs and links only in the 'History of Medicine' section. Have fun....

Example: Question 1
What was Mary Seacole’s mother known as? What skills did she pass on to Mary?
Clue: She lived in the Victorian era....

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