Miesha Reid- second period

Beach of flordia

why do I want to go to this place?

why do i want to go to this place? The reason why i eant to go to this state is because its very hot and it have beaches. And its never cold so i want have to worry about it ever been cold.

From rocky,NC to Orlando,Flordia its 623 miles

To use this car for National Car Rental it 18.00 dollars per day plus 0.05 per mile to rent this car.A Function for renting a car from this company is C=18.00+0.05m, where C is total cost and m is the number of miles.

Enterprise car rental charge 9.99 dollars per day plus $0.20 per mile.c=9.99+0.20m

Here are my function for the total cost for the care rental.




The total cost to rent this car from enterprise for a day to travel to Florida  Florida would be 134.59.

the graph

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