S-Walker Board

By: Megan Harris and Casey McFarland

How the Board Functions:

When you lean forward on the board the faster you will go and when you lean back it slows you down to a stop. After you lean back enough it will eventually put you in reverse. The board has a gyroscope, which makes it possible to be able to move it with your weight. The weight needs to be placed on the two grip pads located at the front and the back of the Segway Board, so it won’t go speeding off by itself. You can steer the board by pivoting the deck by shifting your body weight.

This board can hold up to 80kg which is about 180 pounds.  Also the makers of this board are thinking about selling it for about 930 US Dollar, or 699 Euros.

What is the S-Walker?

The S-Walker board looks like a balance board on wheels. The Segway Walker is a motorized vehicle that will allow you to get to places faster than an average person. A person who has just received the board can reach up to speeds of 3.7 miles per hour, but experienced riders can reach up to 6.2 miles per hour! The board was built to help people get to work or school faster than just walking. Some people will pick up the process of learning this vehicle more than others.

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