By Emma, Addie Grace, and Jordan

Physical Geography

The Incan empire was centered in Cuzco, Peru. The empire was stretched along the west coast of Southern America. It stretched along almost the whole range of the Andes Mountains. It also was was near the Amazon river.


The major leader in the Inca empire was called a "Sapa Inca" and his wife would be called Coya" The leadership structures were Emperors ,Nobles, then commoners



One of their major resources were suspension bridges. Suspensions bridges were for people to walk across rivers. They traded many items in Inca such as; gold, masks, sculptures, knives,  and jewelry.


Men provided mit'a services which was instead of taxes the Inca government required all households in the empire to provide labor for public projects for a certain amount of time every year. The women Mostly work around the house and weaved baskets,prepared food , and kept the house clean. The common people of the Inca empire usually ate two meals each day, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Their diet included far more vegetables than meat. The only meat they were likely to eat was guinea pig, dog, and duck meat. They planted Maize ,quinoa, and potatoes were the main staples of their diet, and chili peppers were a popular way to spice up the food.Inca education during the time of the Inca Empire was divided into two principal spheres: education for the upper classes and education for the general population. The royal classes and a few specially-chosen individuals from the provinces  of the Empire were formally educated by the Amawtakuna. Inca buildings were made out of fieldstone or semi-worked stone blocks and dirt set in mortar; adobe walls were also quite common, usually laid over stone foundations. Made clothes from llama hair.The Incas were polytheistic. The most important were: Inti (the sun god), Viracocha (the creator), Illapa (the weather/thunder god), Pachamama (the earth goddess), Mamacocha (the sea goddess), and Mamaquilla (the moon goddess).

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