The Epic Holiday!!!

By Kylie Jean Donaldson

The first week of the holidays on Wednesday I went to Churchill island with a friend of mine, her name is Maureen and drove us there. On the way there through the entrance there were Birds, hairy Cows, Sheep and Lambs, they were all so cute. ( besides the cows.) First Maurs and I went through this little cottage, maurs told me some interesting stuff about the cottage. In the bedrooms a double bed was smaller than a single bed now. A toilet was small, fat, vase.

Next we went to see a Parrot and a Ferret, luckily I brang my camera. They were so CUTE!!! Just after that we saw a Pecock, I had to take a photo of that. Next I got to milk a cow. Then I got to see a Clysdale and I fell in love with him.

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