American Redneck Society

about the society

The American Redneck Society is an INTEREST GROUP that caters to the need of its PATRONS, typical honest to goodness American rednecks.

"Our primary goal is to build a membership of rednecks based upon valuable member benefits worth much, much more than our modest annual, membership fee (only for premium memberships, there is also a free membership:)

Ten percent of every membership fee will be set aside in the "Redneck Scholarship Fund” as our way of helping rednecks in need to improve their lot in life by pursuing a college education.

With numbers, the founders of the American Redneck Society will form a political action committee to represent the political interests of its members, a committee that will have no allegiance to any particular party."

members and communication

The American Redneck Society has over 1000 members and a whopping 27,806 likes on their Facebook page. DIRECT CONTACT can not be made with the leaders of the American Redneck Society, but they can be emailed through their website.

How it operates

This society operates by sharing information and spreading awareness of their cause on their website and Facebook page. To unite rednecks all over the country, it operates by allowing both free and paid membership. However, those that pay to be a member get extra benefits, also known as MATERIAL BENEFITS. This encourages people to become paid members, and also helps to avoid FREE-RIDER PROBLEMS.

Issues The american rednecks handle

The American Redneck Society is a MULTI-ISSUE GROUP that formed the Redneck Political Association which has no formal affiliation or CLEAVAGES but allows rednecks to have an official voice in politics. They are strong supporters of gun rights and the second amendment, and they want the United Nations to "GET THE H*** OUT OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" They also rally against people who do not support the men and women serving in the US military. As the members of this society rally together, PURPOSIVE BENEFITS are obtained.


The American Redneck Society was able to give out three $500 scholarships last year to students who wrote about why they are proud to be rednecks. This shows that they are adequately funded and are able to “spit-polish” the image of rednecks. The American Redneck Society is also able to provide healthcare to its followers along with other SELECTIVE BENEFITS such as an official ID card and special discounts at several retailers. Members also receive SOLIDARITY BENEFITS from working to spread redneckery with like minded rednecks.

world's strongest redneck wrestles a refrigerator

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